Try a Little Tenderness Giveaway

According to Amazon they only have one copy of Try a Little Tenderness left (more on the way). Next person to post on this thread, preferably with lots of kudos about how much they love my books, gets it! (Yeah, I just totally stolt this idea from Ann Aguirre.)

13 thoughts on “Try a Little Tenderness Giveaway

  1. Your books are the most awesomest books ever. Well I’ve only read one, but I really loved that one. It was Rock Star. The characters were real. I could see some of myself in Callie and loved the chemistry between her and Bryan.

  2. Of course, they’re almost sold out – it is, after all, your book, is it not?

    If it was someone else’s, they would most likely still have lots of copies left to the point where they would be offering very deep discounts in order to try to get rid of them.


    Should I try to slather some more?

  3. I already have all your books both physical copy and e-book format , so don’t need another but still gotta tell ya I lubs your work and when I’m I gonna get another book.

  4. I have both books, guuurll!! They are the bomb diggity. My daughter loved them both. She let a few of her friends read them (oh, yeah she is a teen…17yrs. old) I cannot wait to read this new book..chile you ain’t writin’ fast enuf….countrified are fabumostous..ghetto slang.

  5. Hmmm, there’s nothing I love more than adulation. My little ego just soaks it up. Looks like I’ll be sending two books. Mel your comment showed up first on Facebook, but Cbean’s showed up first here, so I’ll award both of you! 😀 Email me your mailing addresses right away and I’ll get those books out. Thanks so much.

  6. Dang I’m late to the party. But I’ll be getting that book soon. I really did enjoy “Rock Star” and “Rock Star Wedding.” I check your sight every day just to see if you’ve written another excerpt. You’re a great writer. Thank you for making me fall in love with romance novels again.

  7. Roslyn,

    You said, “According to Amazon they only have one copy of Try a Little Tenderness left (more on the way).”

    That’s wonderful news! {raised fist salute}

    Peace, blessings and solidarity.

  8. Ok, you want adulation?. You KNOW you’re good. Heck, I have to restrain myself from baggering you about upcoming books as I only stress myself out with craving (and waiting impatiently for) your work. Though Rock Star for me was better than TALT, if you wrote about paint drying, I would rush to amazon and purchase a copy or two (just to give away on one of the I/R readers board I’m a member of). So ma’am, keep writing, publishing and I’ll keep buying and reviewing (though I suck at it).

    Thanks much

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