PussyCat Death Squad Cover!!!

RHH_PCDeathsquad_coverinRemember, I told you that the cover for Pussycat had me running through the house squeeing like a sorority girl? Now do you see what I mean? Anne Cain is so unbelievably talented, but with this one she took it to a whole new level. It goes beyond buttercream frosting. This folks, is Swiss meringue buttercream frosting. It doesn’t get any better than this. 

She couldn’t have captured the feel of this story better if we’d done a Vulcan mind meld. Anne Cain, you so totally rock!

12 thoughts on “PussyCat Death Squad Cover!!!

  1. Wow, talk about talent. This is original. The background detail is also interesting and eye catching. I notice the way her hair is depicted. Me likes.

  2. Geez, can’t believe I forgot to post the blurb:

    Orphaned at a young age Lelia Assad has spent her life in military service as the leader of the Pussycat Death Squad, personal bodyguards to a ruthless dictator. A devout Muslim, she’s never been tempted to break her vow of chastity until she encounters the ultimate alpha Marine. Patrick introduces her to passion and sex so hot she literally loses her religion.

    Unfortunately, real life intervenes and Lelia is duty bound to return to her country when a coup attempt threatens the life of the man she has vowed to serve. While there she is betrayed and imprisoned with a death sentence on her head. Patrick will have to use all his cunning and lethal skills to save his love from the clutches of a diabolical dictator.

  3. “Geez, can’t believe I forgot to post the blurb:”

    See we were so enraptured with the cover…Didn’t even think to ask for a storyline!

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