11 thoughts on “Nobody Will Ever Convince Me

  1. Too much resemblance for it not to be… Raising a relative’s kid maybe?… Idk… Definite relation though.

  2. Well, I’m the odd ball here. They don’t really look alike to me. If they do.. like what someone said, maybe they’re a relative’s child (wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a female relative, if I may suppose).

    Even so, when did he “adopted” him?

  3. When he was with Nicole Kidman they adopted a couple of kids, that’s the boy and he does look alot like him, think that nature versus nuture thing hs some merit.

  4. interesting theory. Why lie about it though? This is the thing that annoys me about Cruise. It just seems that so much of his public persona is a lie and I don’t get his insistence on being so fake. I never understood why he would’ve adopted a Black child anyway. Something about didn’t seem real to me either because he just didn’t seem that enlightened quite frankly, but I could be wrong.

  5. I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought that! LOL They resemble each other too much to not be biologically related. I know they say people tend to look alike after being around each other, but his oldest daughter Isabella (who was also adopted) looks nothing like him or Nicole. Hmmm…

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