May 21, 2004

DSC00830William Luke - 11


DSC01116William Luke - 31DSC00967LukewCandyCaneLukeNewborn SmallDSC01015

I swore I  wouldn’t get all sloppy and sentimental, but, you’re five years old today. Soon you’ll be starting kindergarten. You’ve been my Mini-Me for so long now, I feel confused when I don’t have you with me. Of course, I’ll have to get over it. After all, giving you roots and wings and is my primary job, and I’m no slacker, no matter how sad it makes me. You’re changing every day right before my eyes. I love to see you accomplish new things. I love watching you grow. Developing your own personality, likes and dislikes. I must confess, I miss my baby too. I think I’m blessed that you still like to cuddle. You’re more than four feet tall now, but I don’t care how big you get, you’ll always fit in my lap. But you have to promise you’ll always want to be in my lap.  Love always, Mama.XXXOOO

5 thoughts on “May 21, 2004

  1. Peace and blessings Roslyn,

    Happy Birthday to your little one!


    Trying to support black women! Dropping by Amazon in search of your book.

    I hope you, and your family have an awesome party.


  2. He is so beautiful. Jessica, my 9-year-old, and I were at McDonald’s the other day and she was playing in the Play Place. Every so often, she would come over to give me a hug or kiss. There was a man there with his toddler son and he asked if she is always that affectionate. I said, “Yes.” He said he hoped his little one would stay as loving as he is now. He would miss it so much if he stopped wanting hugs and kisses. I told him my 16-year-old still loves her hugs and kisses too. The only thing to remember is not in front of their friends. They have to be cool then! Give him a big b’day hug for me!

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