Dear Disney,

I’ve mentioned before my tireless efforts to expose my son to as little violence as possible. A while back, he was feeling a little under the weather, and I wanted to find a movie to entertain him so he’d rest a bit. I found Chicken Little. I thought this would be perfect. Sweet story about a chicken who thinks the sky is falling. Imagine my horror when I looked up and saw that in your hands it has somehow become a War of the Worlds scenario complete with people-vaporizing lasers. Just what in the hell is wrong with you people? Are you so totally lacking in imagination? Of all people on the planet I should be able to trust Disney not to expose my child to gratuitous violence. Pathetic.

One thought on “Dear Disney,

  1. I remember the story of Chicken Little. Wow! so they have changed it with laser guns! What a shame! You have to be so careful these days about what you show your children. Charlie and the chocolate factory may be too big for him. Fantasia, the remake of the 1940s cartoon, another cartoon he may like is George Shrinks, Power Puff Girls, Bob the Builder. Monsters Inc, you can look at them on youtube.

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