Off With Her Head

I’ve been working very hard on Morning Star, so I haven’t been posting as much. Came across some brilliant posts from other blogs and thought I would share. 

Over at What Tami Said is a brilliant analysis of the non-controversy surrounding Wanda Sykes’ performance at the Washington Correspondents Dinner. I love how she’s posted some of Limbaugh’s most vile comments and contrasts them with what Sykes’ said. Why is it that the only place you can find this type of analysis is in the blogosphere and The Daily Show?

Roland Martin is a big fat idiot. (Okay, let me rephrase that lest you think I’m talking about Al Sharpton. Roland Martin is a sanctimonious, sexist, self-righteous, absurdly full of himself windbag.) At What About Our Daughters you can check out Gina’s series about his suggestion that pastors refuse to christen or bless babies unless their fathers show up for the ceremony. Yep, his method for holding black men accountable actually consists of slut shaming and holding babies responsible for their father’s dickhead behavior. Shades of Brownmiller. Epic fail. 

Siditty  wants to know if this e-harmony ad means the bw/wm interracial pairing is becoming more mainstream. I’d say yes, if my book sales are any indication. 

At Angry Black Bitch Shark-fu is pointing out the obvious about Dick Cheney’s recent media blitz(krieg). 

They have this guy’s picture up at Aunt Jemima’s Revenge. Haven’t a clue who he is, apparently some hip-hopper. Anyway, there are other pics of him doing the stereotypical rapper gang sign crap. What a waste of the pretty. Anyway, he looks like a character I’d envisioned for Nate’s book, so I’m putting him up, and I’ll just pretend he’s not an idiot rapper.

12 thoughts on “Off With Her Head

  1. Slut shaming? That’s pretty pathetic, and I said nothing of the sort. So if you want to actually share information, have folks go to my blog and go from there.

  2. Roland, anyone who actually reads your essay would know immediately that is what it is. I can’t imagine what else you would call it. Instead of holding black men accountable, you’re holding black women AND BABIES accountable. For the love of God what is it with black men holding other black men accountable for their actions? Why is the behavior of grown ass men our responsibility? Why are you so full of yourself that you can’t even acknowledge that your suggestion is both un-Biblical AND sexist as all hell? Not to mention your self-aggrandizing flaunting of how you had to take your sister’s children away. You sound like that most loathesome of all human beings; Clarence Thomas. Selling his sister down the river to score points with his slave catchers. Again, epic fail, Roland. Try again.

  3. Hi
    Haven’t been here a while. I so miss your point on arguments. You make me so proud and you’re an excellent romance write too!.


  4. OMG, I so recognized that Drake guy from Degrassi, how hard core could he be?

    Dang, Roslyn has come up, she has Roland Martin actually commenting. That is blog power!!!!!

    I will comment on his article when I actually read it though.

  5. Naw, Roland followed me from over at WAOD. I think he has an alert when his name is mentioned. I don’t know what Degrassi is, but dude is bringing the pretty for sure.

  6. I’m sorry, but I had to leave Siditty’s blog. Too much of a pity party going on.

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