Edits for FlyBoy

Today I got my  edits for FlyBoy. They were remarkably painless and I was able to complete them in under an hour. That must be some kind of record! I’d forgotten how much I liked this story. My editor liked it too. She said it was ‘hot and cute and very sweet and very  funny.’ I’m a bit bummed that it doesn’t come out until next year, but I think you guys are really going to like it. 

3 thoughts on “Edits for FlyBoy

  1. Okay, had to come back to clarify I want to PAY for a signed copy. So let me know when your tour hits Houston so I can camp out the night before and be the first in line.

  2. I haven’t had an offer for that one yet, but I’m still pitching it to various editors. This one is about an Army helicopter pilot and will be in Parker Publishing’s anthology What White Boyz Fight For.

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