Theft and Thievery

I enjoy posting excerpts for projects I’m working on. It’s lots of fun and people really seem to like it. I particularly like the feedback from readers. I know I’m naive, but it never occurred to me that anyone would take one of my excerpts and pass it off as his own. Apparently, this is exactly what has happened. I write for pleasure, but I also write for money, and certainly can’t risk this happening again. So, I can’t post any more excerpts. I’m sorry. 

4 thoughts on “Theft and Thievery

  1. that sucks, people can be so uncool. I’m an aspiring writer (meaning I’m still trying to get my foot in the door lol) and I’m terrified of having something like that happen to my work. I’ve only let relatives and close friends check over chapters and what not.

  2. That sucks. Do people still do that crap when it’s now easier to get caught? I haven’t been here in a while (Gee, you probably don’t even remember me :). Here I was thinking I was going to get a little fix.

    btw, you naive? LOL

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