Fabulous Backpack

I knew that if I kept looking I’d find something fabulous that I can’t afford. A lot of the mamas around here carry  backpacks. It’s always a good idea to have your hands free when you’re schlepping The Luke around. I don’t like the look of just a regular old backpack, I wanted something a little more stylish. I’d picked a low-priced  Lily Waters bag and was going to ask for it for Mother’s Day. 

Then I came across the  one at the top which costs nearly five times as much, and it’s not even vegan. I prefer non-leather bags because of the weight issue, and I don’t like the idea of killing animals for their skins. I’m no purist though, I do own some leather shoes, but I try to avoid buying leather if possible. I don’t mind leather shoes, but something about touching a leather bag skeeves me out. Hey, if I wasn’t crazy I wouldn’t be a writer. Oh, damn look at the pretty yellow one! I want a bright bag for the season. Okay, I need to shut this isht down. 

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