Sessy Morning Star Excerpt *Seriously Unedited*

I promised y’all a look at the first sex scene from Morning Star. This is majorly unedited, but I like the vibe of it. It’ll undergo some revisions of course, but I like the feel of it. These characters are growing on me. I’ve always loved Harley, but now I’m enjoying Andi as well.

Andi fell back on the bed with Harley feverishly following her down. She tugged at his shirt, nearly out of her mind with the need to feel his bare skin again. His mouth came down to hers and she gasped, so hot she was surprised that their skin didn’t sizzle on contact.

            There, she finally got his shirt off. She splayed her hands over the muscular contours of his back, loving the feel of each sinew as his lips scorched a path along the chords of her neck. Every muscle tautened when he took a bite right where her neck and shoulder met. God that felt so good. She didn’t realize she’d said it out loud until he responded.

            “I’m gonna make you feel even better, boss lady,” he groaned as he suddenly stood up. He made short work of removing the rest of his clothes, tossing them on the floor in a manner that made a joke of his alleged clothing obsession.

            Andi sat up to enjoy the view; she knew he stayed in shape more through sports than time in the gym and his body showed it. His slim form rippled with long lean muscle and he had more than his air share of scars from various injuries. She wondered in particular about one fine line that started on his left hip, and then disappeared in his sparse blonde pubic bush. Apparently she stared too long because he looked up from where he was removing her shoes.

            “Knife fight in Kinshasa.”

            Her brows rose. The thing was, he was probably telling the truth. After years of living in a town where everybody had a game to run and worked overtime trying to impress it was disconcerting to deal with someone who really didn’t give a damn. At least not about impressing others.

            Before she completed that thought her trousers had joined his on the floor. He sat down on the edge of the bed and let his eyes travel over her body. She squirmed under the scrutiny; almost unbearably turned on by the way those feverishly bright eyes lingered over every curve triggering a pool of wetness between her legs. She ached to feel his cock plunging deep inside. She reached for him, impatient to feel his body against hers. He pulled away, reaching out instead to slip a questing finger between her legs, seeking the slipper folds hidden within.

            Andi’s legs fell open as she collapsed on the bed, giving herself up to the pleasure to be found under his hands. Another finger joined the first one as he pressed the lips of her pussy apart, then slipped a finger inside. Andi ground her clit against him; desperate for deeper contact and he quickly gave her what she needed stroking her clit with soft motions of his thumb. When he slipped a third finger inside her weeping channel her clit elongated, stretching to press even harder against his thumb. The pleasure thrummed through Andi, bringer her closer, then closer until suddenly, just when she thought she would die if she didn’t come it all just snapped, pole-vaulting her into a blinding orgasm.

            Harley pulled away and almost before she could miss him she her bedside table drawer open. It was almost too much of effort to open her eyes, but when she did she was arrested by the sight of him unrolling a condom over the large mushroom shaped head of his penis.

            She sat up; brushing his hands away and undertook the task herself. The velvety feel of his heavily veined cock was erotic itself and she took her time sheathing it in the latex. When she lowered her mouth to encircle the head he fell back on the bed swearing under his breath. She bobbed her head up and down as she gradually slipped the condom over his turgid length. She couldn’t get enough of the feel of him under her tongue and applied greater pressure as feeling his pleasure turned her on more and more. So totally wrapped up in the scent, the feel, the taste of him it was all she could do not to come again when she looked up and saw his face. His head was canted back in a severe angle, the veins in his neck stood out in stark relief against his flushed skin.

            “Fuck me. For the love of God, fuck me.” He finally gritted out.

            As though compelled by a force outside herself Andi immediately complied, slipping cock into soaking wet pussy. She slammed down in one motion gasping with pleasure from the impossibly stretched feeling that placed her clit right against his pubic bone. Harley tossed his head back and forth on the linens, apparently having lost the ability to speak any further he groaned and growled in guttural gasps.

            Andi raised and lowered herself pistoning down on his cock with increasing speed, thankful that years of Pilates had given her the leg strength to maintain the position. Her second orgasm was just out of reach and she strained toward it, mindless now to anything but the coil of ecstasy that tightened again and again with each downward motion of her body. Harley suddenly grabbed her hips, grinding his pelvis into hers in a way that was bound to leave marks tomorrow but she didn’t care because his movement brought her tantalizingly closer.

            Then he flipped her over, putting her on the bottom and spreading her legs so far apart that her thighs pressed into her collarbones. She was at his mercy now, and he took full advantage slamming into her again and again like a man who had gone mad with lust. Andi held on, loving every stroke, as she strove for her own pleasure. He slipped one hand under her hips and slid the other one between their straining bodies.

            “Give it to me boss lady,” he growled against her neck. And just like that she came so hard she had black spots behind her tightly clenched eyelids. He followed almost immediately, shouting his pleasure as his semen pulsed into the condom.


            When Andi first came back to awareness she glanced over at Harley who looked as dazed as she felt. The laughter started as a small giggle, but wouldn’t be contained and before she knew it, it was a full-fledged guffaw. Harley’s eyes narrowed as he gave her a questioning look.

            “I guess Tree is right. I am too goal-oriented.” Harley only looked more confused, so she shared with him the conversation she’d had with her friend and her goal of fucking him until they both lost cognitive functioning. His laughter joined hers and they both lay back on the horribly mussed bed until they could only giggle helplessly.

9 thoughts on “Sessy Morning Star Excerpt *Seriously Unedited*

  1. I second the commenter above – you are brilliant at this. I am into (very) erotic – read that as explicit – IRR romances and have bought a few from loose-Id, Cobblestone, etc. Most have been disappointing to say the least, naming no names. Is it to much to ask for an intelligent, fun, well written storyline AND scorching sexual scenes??
    I dunno. But I will be downloading Morningstar as soon as it is published. I know you have another book – Rockstar. I have always believed it is not, shall we say – explicit enough for my taste. Please correct me if I am wrong and I will purchase it.

  2. Rock Star is a sweet romance, so it doesn’t have the erotic elements you prefer. My second book, Try a Little Tenderness is an erotic romance and is published by Loose-Id. Click on the title in the header and read an excerpt.

  3. When is this coming out Roz?

    I am almos finished re-reading Rock Star and was just thinking about a story for Harley,

    I can’t wait.

  4. I like!!!! I remember Harley from one of my favorite novels Rock Star, but is Andi from a previous novel as well? The name doesn’t ring a bell.

  5. No, Andi’s not from a previous book. I’m glad you remember Harley, I think you’ll enjoy his book, if I can ever get it written! LOL

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