Our Den Makeover


I like David Bromstad. Not as much as I like Candice Olsen, of course, but his redos are significantly more budget friendly. This is how I want our den to look when it’s finished. It’s inspired by the California Wine Country and very much in keeping with the Mediterranean feel I want for this house. Interestingly enough, we too have horrible paneling on our walls. Someday we’ll hang new dry wall, but meanwhile, a coat of paint will make them look significantly better. It’ll be awhile though, and in a way I’m glad we have this time to plan what we want to do. We’re cautious about spending any money right now, but collecting pictures and idea doesn’t cost a dime. 


2 thoughts on “Our Den Makeover

  1. Painting is the best quick fix for paneling. My grandmother did that years ago to hers and you forgot it was paneled. I really like the colors in that room.

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