Disney’s New Princess

Well, we got ourselves a tempest in a teapot. Disney has a black princess. The prince is not black. Please discuss that amongst yourselves. Do I care? Not particularly. These movies are not made for boys. Animation is expensive and a black princess with a black prince equals a black movie. Disney’s not making anything they can’t merchandise out the back teeth. And even if every little black girl in this country bought a Tiana backpack it would not compensate for the loss. 

In order for Disney to make money off this movie, little girls have to relate to the princess and want to be like her. People, for the most part, have no interest in seeing their little girls ride off into the sunset with a black prince. We’ve seen this time and again in discussions about black male heroes in romance and why they have no cross-over appeal. White people do not want to see Negro romance (sex). Therefore they’re  not going to take their little girls to see a movie with a black prince.

Apparently Disney has consulted with ‘black leaders’ about this character. Now, if that’s not the scariest thing I’ve ever heard I don’t know what is. If those leaders just happen to come from the Essence magazine crew, you  can guarantee at least one scene where Tiana avows her undying love for ‘tha brothas,’ while lamenting that they’ve all gone off with white wimmin. Yes, I’m rolling my  eyes at that one. 

And, of course, she must be a ‘strong black woman.’ God forbid that a black woman be like every other princess. Nope, she’s got to be strong, because everybody knows black women are strong. Okay, I’ll stop with the sarcasm now. I’m just grateful that I have a son, and am unlikely to ever have to sit through what I fear is going to be a mess of a movie.

7 thoughts on “Disney’s New Princess

  1. Actually I know a guy who is black who looks legit exactly like the prince.
    I can see both sides of the arguement:

    I think it’s good that they are potraying interacial couples because for so long it has been taboo. And it’s better than the overly done black man/prissy white girl and angry black woman antagnist match up. I think it shows that black woman are apealing to people of other races, unlike how they are usually potrayed.

    At the same time I think that there should be a mainstream ptrayal of black love. Becasue all that is shown is the usual “baba mama drama welfare case situation” when there is a black couple. But I think that mainstream America (or white America) is not ready for that quite yet. There just getting used to Barrack snd Michelle.

  2. For me it’s a shame that they can’t just make a movie based on someone’s artistic vision – it has to be washed through all these committees and consultants. Big money just tends to ruin art I think. I mean suppose Disney decided to make an animated movie targeted towards black kids – might not make as much money because of the numbers of kids that might go see it so it doesn’t get made. But it would have a better chance of being artistically good. Why do they have to try to please everybody at the same time? Can’t be done.

  3. Thats why they only show the black princess for about 5 minutes of the entire movie and the rest of it she is a frog. Go figure!

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