I’ve always loved The Carpenters. Richard Carpenter was a helluva songwriter, and Karen’s voice was pure magic. I’ve been thinking about this song a lot as I work on developing Sue’s character for Girlband: Supernova. No, I’m not going to explain the connection. You’ll just have to wait for it! 😀

Of course, many  of you are more familiar with Luther Vandross’s classic cover. He most certainly  did it justice, not surprising since he was a backup singer for The Carpenters. 

It’s a tragedy that both of them died too young.

2 thoughts on “Superstar

  1. As a child (I was born in 67′) I would love it when my mom played this Carpenter Hit. I thought the song was so beautiful, and dreamy. Then as a teenager I heard Luther’s version. I have one word to describe Luther’s version of Superstar, “Silk”.

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