Aren’t They Lovely?



I found these at my fave Barnes and Noble at The Forum. Whoever buys for that store loves the hell outta romances. Anyway, they weren’t on this lovely endcap, and Try  a Little Tenderness was over in Fiction again. I really need to complain about that. I did a little ‘merchandising,’ I’m sure Georgette Heyer won’t mind seeing as how she’s dead and many times a best-seller. 

I need you guys to do me a favor, it does my heart good to see pictures of my books actually on the shelves. (Of course, it does me better when you buy them and/or talk about them to others). If you’re out and about and see one of my books take a snapshot and send it to me. I had actually planned this as a contest, but baby needs new shoes and you know how that goes. So, I’ll just have to ask for ego stroking out of the goodness of your heart. Thanks, and I’ll post any and all pictures I receive.

ETA: I totally stolt this idea from my friend Ann Aguirre who did do it as a contest.

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