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So last night I watched Bobby Cannavale’s new show, Cupid. It’s a cute little show, and gives me something to watch after The Mentalist. I’ve always liked Cannavale, the man’s mouth makes me think impure thoughts. Lisa doesn’t like him. She says he looks like a big, dumb galoot. I’m sure she’s right, but as an old married perimenopausal woman I reserve the right to look at men strictly as a fine piece of ass. Cannavale fits the bill quite nicely. 

Don’t worry though, Simon Baker still makes my heart go pitty-pat. 

And Ian McShane isn’t bad looking on Kings, either, if you like the dark brooding meglomaniacal type, and really, who doesn’t?

It’s amazing, but this is the first TV season in years where there are actually shows I want to watch. Apparently somebody bought a clue and decided to hire scriptwriters and ACTORS, instead of this endless round of manufactured reality. God Bless them, and keep the hot boys coming.

3 thoughts on “TV Shows

  1. I have to agree with you on Ian McShane-his voice is especially wonderful! I was torn between loving and hating his ‘Deadwood’ character.
    The other two are’nt too shabby, either!

  2. Yes, Yes Mr. Baker, Cannavale doesn’t do it for me…..Do you know the name of the tall blonde guy on raising the bar…..I like.

  3. “Something New” is a must see movie with Simon Baker & Sanaa Latham! Such chemistry, fun and convincingly enough story. Thus, I am a Simon fan- my family loves watching the Mentalist too. BTW…Serenity, I think the guy from Raising the Bar is Teddy Sears[the one with the rather short shag haircut].

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