Kudos to CNN

 Follow the trail of 'The Grim Sleeper'

Since I habitually kick the MSM’s ass for their failure to address violence against black women, I thought I’d give them shout out today. In the past couple of days they’ve stepped up their game. Today they’ve got a special profile on The Grim Sleeper, a serial killer in LA who targets black women/girls. I hope that by shining some light on the subject they might fire up some leads. I heard about this on NPR too, so a head-nod in their direction as well. 

The Grim Sleeper/CNN

I’m also impressed by the LAPD’s admission that they made some mistakes with the case back when the series started back in the midst of the 1980s gang wars. I’m prepared to cut them some slack, because back then the murders were coming so fast and furiously it was almost impossible to keep up with the pace. Heads up everybody and let’s catch this fucker before he kills again.

One thought on “Kudos to CNN

  1. I agree, they need to catch him right away. I have never heard of these cases. How many women do they suspect he has killed.

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