Stormcrow Logo


stormcrow-logoIs this not the most awesomest band logo you’ve ever seen? I’ve been beseeching my husband to design it forever, but he finally came through. Y’all know the graphic designer’s wife has no band logo! -lol- Anyway, I love it like buttercream frosting. It’s beyond my expectations. He is so effing talented.

7 thoughts on “Stormcrow Logo

  1. That’s wicked, actually. I can see it being an awesome tattoo!

    Yayyy for the hubster!

  2. This logo is freakin’ cool; me likey. It is so in character and that’s great because it extends the experience. I am just one of your readers [I meant that I also read the excerpt of the new book with Lola & Koss, the Rockstar follow-up, and most of your archived blog pieces] and I loved your book Rockstar; I gobbled it up faster than usual. I enjoyed it tremendously: THANKS!! I hope you could make an official trip to Arizona, my home state, so I could meet you. Believe me when I say “WE HAVE A LOT IN COMMON!” Keep the books coming……

  3. I’m trying to get some Stormcrow scwhag together. Bookmarks and maybe t-shirts. A character in one of my future books will have a Stormcrow tattoo. I’m really enjoying this.

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