A Challenge

A while back I read on the lovely and talented Ann Aguirre’s blog that she can generally write a full-length rough draft in a month. (Yeah, I know, I hate her azz,too.) But when I thought about it, I realized that’s roughly 3k words a day. In the midst of my fevered rush to finish three books in two months I frequently produced twice that many words a day. And since I really would like to finish two more full-length novels this year, I thought I’d challenge myself to finish the rough draft of Morning Star by the end of April. (Yes, I’ve lost my effing mind.) I dunno, maybe it’s the military thing, but I seem to respond well to challenges, so I’m going to give it a shot. 

With that in mind, I’m going more or less underground. Those of you who have my phone number are free to call me, but I won’t be e-mailing, g-mailing, Facebooking or Twittering. If I write anything I think is particularly good, I’ll post it on the blog, but other than that, I’m going totally underground. And since this little vacation is Lisa G. Riley’s fault you can always email her if you’re desperate to get in touch with me. Thanks a bunch and let’s see if I can rock this freaking joint. I’m running with the big dawgs now!

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