Morning Star


Morning Star isn’t flowing as well as I would like. Probably because I burned out some circuits earlier this year. Also, I had to work out some character motivation issues. If their behavior doesn’t make sense to me, I get blocked and can’t work on the story. I whined and moped about it until Lisa finally told me that I just need a vacation. I agree, I probably do, but I’d still have to check my e-mail and that always sucks me back in. One of the benefits of a good writing/critique partner is I can bounce ideas off her, and she helps me work through my issues. Sometimes just talking it out helps bring the clarity that I need. I’ve been posting quite a bit on other blogs too, but now I think I’m off to the races and ready to work on my book. I think I’ve recovered now. Isn’t this statue gorgeous? I would love to have a book cover similar to this. I think I mentioned that this story is inspired by Paradise Lost. Because of his past Harley sees himself very much as a fallen, and damned angel. And the serpent, well that’s pretty self-explanatory. The imagery is just awesome. If it’s accepted for publication I’ll definitely share this picture and the other one, just of angel wings with my publisher. It’ll be interesting to see if they like it, or if their idea is something totally different. I got very lucky last time with Try a Little Tenderness

I think I mentioned before that Harley is a bit of a take-off on Owen Wilson’s character in one of my fave movies Zoolander. (Don’t worry, he’s not quite that over-the-top, and he certainly is more angst-filled. Sorry, can’t seem to write a guy who isn’t tortured in some fashion.)

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