Making Easter Baskets

Each year I make Easter baskets for the menfolk in my life. Actually, I usually make Easter buckets. I started out making them because for some reason it’s almost impossible to find really cool Easter buckets these days. I guess I’m old-fashioned, but when I was growing up boys got buckets, girls got baskets, but buckets are hard to find. Anyway, we have quite a collection of Easter buckets now, even though we’ve left most at my mother-in-laws for playing at the beach. So this year I’m thinking about making Luke’s in one of those big Tonka trucks. I think it’ll make a cool Easter bucket. Still not sure what I’ll put Whit’s in. Due to finances, I didn’t make him one last year, and he was a bit crestfallen. Probably because his bucket is usually of the naughtier variety. And for those of you ready to cry blasphemy don’t make me remind you of the origins of the Easter celebration. Anyway, Whit loves penny candy, so I do usually include some, he gets a lot more of it than Luke does. I include some good chocolate too. One year I made up some coupons for special ‘treats,’ and included those, as well as some ‘toys’ from one of our favorite stores. I’ll have to check to see what’s available, but I want to make his bucket out of something naughty, but since Luke will probably see it, I’ll have to be careful. Heck, I’ll probably just buy him a Tonka truck too!

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