Handbags and Boy Shoes

MKS09_V09W2So The Luke and I are in the mall shoe shopping. I’m determined to find that kid two pair of shoes for $50 or die trying. (For the record, Stride Rite is seriously tripping.) For the love of buttercream frosting somebody hook me up! Anyway, we’re exiting through Bloomies and he picks up this lovely bit of Michael Kors-based deliciousness. (I’m convinced Michael Kors and Cynthia Rowley are conspiring to land me in divorce court.) Anyway, Luke picks it up and says, “This is pretty mama.” I, of course, agreed, then he continued, “We ought to get it for Daddy.” Obviously, I’ve been painfully remiss in that boy’s education. Expensive, pretty things go to Mama, NOT Daddy. Trust, I will be rectifying this omission with a quickness. Hmph. 

The sad thing is, I’ve been thinking that I really want a pretty bright handbag for spring. Of course, I’m aiming my sights quite a big lower than Michael Kors, but I’m really liking the bright colors I’m seeing these days. I’d prefer something vegan, though I’m not a purist. I’ll wear leather shoes, but for some reason leather handbags give me the ickies. I also prefer lightweight handbags  to avoid back and shoulder pain. 

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