The Eight Most Underrated Health Trends

I found this over at FitCysters and thought it was phenomenal. Deadlifts are the one exercise I’d literally get off my deathbed to do. Remember, work those big muscles to failure. Burns fat, utilizes insulin. I usually pyramid, meaning that I’ll do 15 with my 8 pound weights, then 12 with my 10s and 10 with my 15s. 

I’ve mentioned before how crucial Vitamin D is and how I just recently discovered that I’m deficient. Get that checked. It’s important. I drink green tea, but had never heard of matcha green tea. I must investigate it. 

I’ve been using foam rollers for quite some time now, my physical therapist hipped me to them more than a decade ago. I would probably be on some crazy painkiller without it. I eat lots of apples, it’s the one fruit I don’t have to combine with a protein on my Insulin Resistance Diet, and they’re a convenient snack. I also take cinnamon and chromium to help lower my blood sugar. 


  • The Mediterranean Diet: Why this way of eating isn’t the standard pyramid is beyond me. Year after year, study after study this pattern of eating comes out shining and yet still doesn’t seem to catch on.
  • Side Planks/Tabletops: This exercise is phenomenal for engaging the abdominal muscles and for enhancing stability. It is especially helpful for those with bad backs as this won’t allow you to use your back to aid breathing.
  • Apples: Yup, plain old apples are loaded with flavanoids, quercetin, pectin and other flavanoids. They are not as sexy as the Goji or Acai berries but they are still an underrated food.
  • Foam Rolling: More and more gyms carry these fascia release devices but through my observation, people still don’t use them. When used correctly, foam rolling can help reduce trigger points, improve tissue quality and enhance mobility.
  • Matcha Tea: This powdered form of green tea is one of the highest grade teas available – packed with antioxidants and chlorophyll. It is also versatile, making a great addition to smoothies and bars.
  • Wall Angels: This is an exercise that most people should do – especially if you sit at a computer most of your day. Standing up – back against a wall – head, shoulder blades and tailbone touching the wall, back of arms against wall at shoulder level, bent 90 degrees – slide arms up while keeping them in contact with the wall – without arching back or letting tailbone lose contact with the wall. Repeat for 10-20 reps daily. This will help stretch some likely tight muscles and help strengthen the deep and underused muscles in the upper back.
  • Vitamin D: In the news quite a bit, but again doesn’t have the sex appeal that a fat burning supplement might. It is also overshadowed by fish oil supplementation. There is a compelling reason for most people to supplement with this vitamin/hormone – especially for those in northern climates.
  • Deadlifts: The hardcore lifters wouldn’t dream of excluding this all-around gem of an exercise but it is surprising how many people eschew it – even personal trainers. It does take more practice to perfect and form is more crucial on this one than most others, but when used properly, it doesn’t get much better as an overall strength builder.
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