My Baby Cooks!


Okay, so it’s instant pudding (which tastes like butt, btw), but hey, he measured out the milk, nuked it in the microwave and stirred the pudding packet in. I think that’s pretty awesome for an almost-five year old. He was so proud to eat something he “cooked” himself. 

Yes, he’s in his Iron Man costume, and no, it wasn’t Halloween. What can I say, I was knee-deep in deadlines, at that point if it wouldn’t kill him I let him do it.

3 thoughts on “My Baby Cooks!

  1. What a precious little guy you have. As someone who is trapped at home with sick kids today, I guarantee they’ve been doing whatever they want as long as nothing is on fire. Good luck with your deadlines!

  2. Hey Roslyn,

    What a cutie and glad to see he is working on his culinary skills early! And oh well about the costume. As Ministry said, “every day is Halloween”.

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