Dream Bedroom

Courtesy of Candice Olsen, Natch! She’s probably the only designer on HGTV that I groove on every single time! The woman cannot make an ugly room. This is absolutely the perfect bedroom for us. Excluding the fireplace, of course. Hey, we live in Atlanta, we’d have to turn on the air conditioner to burn the darned thing! I love the combination of pear and chocolate, and the mix of textures. I’m sort of using this blog as a scrapbook of things I like. We’re so not ready to start, but the ideas are a lot of fun to collect.

7 thoughts on “Dream Bedroom

  1. I just recently had my bedroom done. It looks just like this! I don’t want to advertise my remodeler or anything,

  2. LOVE THAT ROOM!!!!!!

    I AGREE….Candice has perfect taste. I remember the episode where she turned this SHAM of a room into a paradise, I was nervous wondering if she could pull it off with what she was working with and WOW, she pulled it off and more!

  3. You know me and Candice are HERE! If I get get serious Will and Jada money I’m flying her and Chico in to do my whole dang house!

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