Cover Envy

This is the cover for Crystal Hubbard’s next release. I have no idea what the story is, but I’m really feeling the cover. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the e-pubs are having a major influence on mainstream publishers. The covers are getting steamier and more interesting. This one is definitely eye-catching.

2 thoughts on “Cover Envy

  1. Dear Roslyn,

    Your Rock Star cover was seriously one of the best I’ve ever seen. It was fresh, beautiful, passionate…it made you want to pick up the book and read the back blurb. The blurb made you open the book and read the first sentence, and after that, the book had to go home with you.

    Rock Star was the complete package because the stuff inside its cover was just as beautiful, refreshing and passionate as the cover image promised.

    The Mr. Fix-It cover and the Burn covers are my favorites among my own books, partly because they complement each. The man and the woman switch places…

    Thank you for noticing the cover and blogging about it. (This is your blog, right? I’m such a novice…)

  2. I love the Mr. Fix-It cover. I actually saw that stock photo several years ago and had picked it out as a great book cover. Apparently, great minds think alike. (But then, we knew that already! lol)

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