My Virtual Model

I’ve hanging out over at Prevention Magazine. Did the My Virtual Model thing, and while the model doesn’t look exactly like me (there’s no button for back fat or c-section belly) I think it’s a pretty good representation of how I look and how I’ll look after losing 33 pounds. Thus far I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist (Take THAT! Dr. Oz!) and about three pounds. I bought a new pair of exercise pants in my usual XL, but they were too big. I think though that they just ran large. I haven’t had a chance to take them back yet. 

I spent most of the day playing outside with Luke and that’s HUGE. Normally I get too tired and feel like crap. So, I know that my workout regimen is defeating this insulin crap. Remember, I’m not doing anything that hard. Weights three times a week, Cardio three times a week, Pilates twice a week. I could probably go without the Pilates, but I love it so. 

Also, if you have insulin issues, be sure to ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D levels. Mine was nearly non-existent. That’s not surprising those of us who are melanin-enhanced have a harder time making it. It also doesn’t help that I slather myself with sunscreen whenever I do happen to be out in the sun. Anyway, it can be a contributor to insulin issues. I don’t think it’s coincidental that black folks have lower levels of Vitamin D and higher levels of diabetes. Remember: Calcium, Vitamin D, Fiber and Omega 3s are all essential in whipping insulinaemia, and don’t forget to lift weights!!!

3 thoughts on “My Virtual Model

  1. You need to incorporate gettng a book out in all that working out LOL , write and run baby , write and run.

  2. Hi Roslyn! I’m glad that your workouts are going well for you! This virtual model is so cute! That’s some good information about Vitamin D issues and diabetes. It was something I never thought to tie together. I will definitely mention it to my mother when we talk next. Since I am vegan I drink fortified almond milk, eat flax meal, sesame, and hemp seeds too. Do you eat healthy fatty fish or take the fish oil pills/supplements instead? Those pills freak out my poor husband! 😦 My father-in-law tried to get both of us on those a while back. He even special ordered us some really expensive ones, but of course it did not happen! My father-in-law is such a trip though because he even tried to bribe me into it with lots of “organic/vegan” things from Whole Foods. 😉 I’ve noticed that a lot of food are now being fortified with Omega 3. We’ve bought peanut butter and eggs to name a couple of them. My husband eats lots of fresh salmon, canned fish snacks, and eats flax meal from time to time too. I wish you continued success with your work out regimen! 🙂

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