Weight Training Defeats Insulinaemia

I’ve talked several times before about the impact lifting weights has on my insulin issues. I’m probably being annoying, but I think it’s crucial to emphasize cardio alone won’t cut it. I’ve done cardio for years and saw little or no impact on my insulin symptoms. Weight training though has made a huge difference. I’ve gone from shaving every other day to shaving once a week. The facial hair is finer and lighter. Yes, I realize that my insulin issues have more important consequences, but the facial hair has been major for me. Other women on the FitCysters board have talked about a reduction in acanthos nigracans. (AN is the darkening you get on the back of your neck or underarms from insulin problems.) I, fortunately haven’t struggled with that particular symptom, but know plenty of folk who have. 

I follow the Body for Life regimen and do about 45 minutes of weights three times a week. I also do cardio three times a week and Pilates a couple of times a week. In my opinion, weight training with dumbbells is far more effective than machines. I have five sets ranging from 3 to 15 pounds. If nothing else, do squats and deadlifts. They work the largest muscles of the body (glutes, quads) which help metabolize insulin faster. Deadlifts will also give you the ass of a goddess. 

Quiet as it’s kept, I adore Marilyn Monroe, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is one of my fave movies. It’s great to know she lifted weights even when it wasn’t cool for women to do so. I also read an article where Jackie Kennedy talked about lifting weights as well. I think it’s ironic that two women who are considered the pinnacle of femininity both lifted weights. Especially since so many women won’t lift because they fear losing their femininity.

3 thoughts on “Weight Training Defeats Insulinaemia

  1. I never knew that weightlifting had such a major effect on insulin levels. Thanks for the info and here is to deadlifts that will give us great looking butts.

  2. I like many of the comments you have posted on the WAOD blog; so I thought I’d check out your blog–very nice (although, the font size of your text is a little too small for my tired eyes). I don’t even know if you will see this comment, because it is with one of your older posts. Nonetheless, when I read this post of yours, I thought that you might find the following article on insulin to be helpful (for it is in line with the sayings: “Patient, heal thyself.” “Let your medicine be your food, and food be your medicine.”

    From Nourished Magazine, Insulin Resistance, The Real Culprit

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