Stop Me Before I Write Again!


I’ve done a couple of posts talking about this being my year to prove that I can run with the big dogs. Well, I’m here to tell you, I definitely won’t be staying on the porch! Here’s my tally thus far. Pussycat Death Squad is done! FlyBoy is done! Taken is almost done. And get this, FlyBoy is almost a month early. 

The gameplan was upon finishing FlyBoy (Which will forever in my mind be subtitled Buttercream Screams -lol-) I would begin Dark Star, which picks up Nate’s story at the end of Try A Little Tenderness. Well, you know what they say about the best-laid plans. Loose-Id, who y’all know I love like buttercream frosting (Get your mind out of the gutter) has a call for submissions and I have a story idea that fits perfectly. 

Morning Star is inspired by one of my fave books of all time, Paradise Lost. I know, what does Milton’s magnus opus have to do with erotic romance? Why everything, my pretties. After all, what’s sexier than a fallen angel? It’s the story of Harley Joseph, Bryan’s actor friend from Rock Star. Harley has a problem, actually he has lots of problems, but the main one is he’s the star of a hit television show he happens to hate. Even more importantly he has the hots for the producer of the show Andi McFadden. And did I mention that they had a tête-à-tête under the mistletoe (and all manner of other places) prior to establishing their professional relationship? Well, now she’s the boss of him and there will be no more horizontal mamboing…or so she says. Harley alternates between trying to mutilate himself with various extreme sports and trying to seduce our intrepid heroine. 

Of course, his attempts at untimely death aren’t sourced entirely upon his loathing for the television show he finds himself tied to. There’s also some rather complex history involving his past as a seminary student. And never fear, though one would think having a fallen angel trying to get you naked would be enough to leave one bewitched and bewildered, Andi’s life is far more complicated than she ever could have imagined. 

Sounds like a fun story, eh. So, here’s the thing. Do y’all think I can finish two full-lengths in one year? My fans will kill me if I don’t write Dark Star, never mind the fact that Nate is driving me insane incessantly yakking in my ear. I really can’t blame old boy, after all, he’s waiting ten years to find his love again. I actually started this story almost immediately after Rock Star, but abandoned it because I didn’t have the chops then to deal with some continuity issues. Some of the events in this story take place at the same time as events do in Rock Star, but I’ve got that issue  worked out now. 

It’s a challenge and I’m not sure I’m up to it, but I’d definitely love to try.

2 thoughts on “Stop Me Before I Write Again!

  1. My fans will kill me if I don’t write Dark Star, never mind the fact that Nate is driving me insane incessantly yakking in my ear.

    LOL. I think if they are your fans, they kinda know that you have to battle the muses. I’d like to read Dark Star, but hey, you know… you gotta do what the muses tell you, no? Or else they can be pissy.

  2. I’m definitely going to finish Dark Star this year. If I get Morning Star finished by July, that’ll still give me five months to complete Dark Star as well, and then start rolling on Supernova.

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