The Faucet

So, I didn’t get a new kitchen faucet for Valentine’s Day. Why, you may ask. See, here’s the thing. I hate faucets with lever controls. I want a faucet with two knobs, one for hot, one for cold. My husband likes the single control levers, because he can operate it with one hand. The man’s whole life revolves around things he can operate single-handed. What is UP with that? Is he planning on losing one or something? He says he doesn’t want to have to mix when it comes to making warm water, my question is, who uses warm water in the kitchen? When I cook something I start with cold, when I wash something I use hot. What’s the warm water for? Normally I’d give in, because most things just aren’t that deep with me, but this one is. Two knobs to rule them all.

2 thoughts on “The Faucet

  1. I can understand the lever. When I have goop on my hands, I can rinse them without actually having to touch the handle with nasty fingers. But, since you gotta be in there, you should have what you want.

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