I love this book like damn and whoa! I’ve had a reformer machine for about ten years or more. I bought it at QVC and I’ve been hooked on Pilates ever since. I’ve never liked doing Pilates to a DVD because body positioning is so crucial and difficult for me to see on a video. This book is full of very precise images AND descriptions of exact body positioning. I can pick up the book and look at the pictures carefully to ensure I’ve got it just right. It is incredible and reasonably priced. It’s like having an instructor in my living room. (I still think it’s crucial to have a few lessons with a certified instructor from time to time, because form is so important.)

This book covers both mat and the various reformers including the cadillac (I want one so badly I can taste it.) I like the mat, but definitely prefer my reformer, it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made (now if I can find somewhere to put the darned thing!!!) If you’re interested in Pilates, it makes a great addition to your fitness library. 

As we age especially, strength and flexibility become even more crucial. Pilates will give you strong, taut muscles and abs to die for. And absolutely awesome flexibility, I’m actually more flexible in my forties than I was in my twenties. Even as a teen I couldn’t touch my toes, now I have no problem doing downward dog!!! I would do it every day, but I generally try to do it after weight training, as my muscles tend to get tight after I lift and Pilates lengthens them back out.

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