Jillian Michaels is the Hotness

So, in my eternal quest to achieve Michelle Obama body (Okay, just the arms, I have no chance in hell of getting the whole body, but hey, a girl can dream.) I’ve been doing Michaels’ routines on Exercise TV. (Yep they’re FREE On Demand). She’s on that show the Biggest Loser, but I haven’t seen it because I don’t do reality tv. I heard about her on FitCysters (link below), yes, someone had to tell me there were free exercise videos on my tv. I’m an idiot, I know.

Have I mentioned that she’s a sadistic bitch, and more than a bit butch, besides? But man, that chick brings rain. She doesn’t do choreography or any of that stuff, which is great because that’s so not my steelo. Nope, old girl kicks your ass old school, with jumping jacks, push-ups and mountain climbers, stuff I haven’t seen since boot camp circa 1982!

I really like her, she’s realistic about how hard you’ll have to train and how much work you’ll have to put into it. I do three days of cardio, three days of weight training from the Body for Life book (also the hotness), and Pilates at least two days a week. It’s taking forever, but then I AM in my 45th year, but I’m confident that I’ll make my goal 32 by 45.

Oh, and have  I mentioned how much I really, really hate jumping jacks?

4 thoughts on “Jillian Michaels is the Hotness

  1. I hear you. I really do need to exercise more. But I hate doing it indoors. So in the summers I’m outside just running, and roller blading. Ugh, I hate British weather.

  2. I love The Biggest Loser. You should really watch it. Got a lot of good tips on there. You should try BOSU. It really helps your balance and helps you strength train. I do a class every sunday at my gym..I’m getting ready for my fourth half marathon, and want to try the Chicago Marathon in October.

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