Winged Headboard

For the longest time I’ve wanted one of these winged headboards. Unfortunately, they seem to always be well out of my budget, and considering that my budget right now is a big fat zero, I thought I’d start thinking about ways to make one. Making a padded headboard is a doggle. I’ve made so many over the years I actually got tired of them, plus I really don’t like a bed that doesn’t have a footboard as well. 

Essentially it would require cutting a back out of plywood, just like you do for a regular padded bed, then I would make two rectangular boxes for the arms. Attach the arms to the back and purchased legs to the bottom of the boxes. I’ve done rolled arms before, they’re just two really heavy foam tubes covered in quilt batting. I’d cover the whole thing in foam, then quilt batting. Would probably upholster the back first, then the arms. Haven’t thought the footboard through yet. I’m kicking ideas around, when I get it right, I’ll let you know. (Yeah, I’m procrastinating. Making a headboard is LOTS easier than writing!!!)

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