Sex Scenes and Buttercream

Last night I wrote an absolutely sizzling scene for FlyBoy involving buttercream frosting. (Hey, I can’t eat it, I have to do something with it!!!) If y’all are very, very good I might post at least the PG rated parts later today.

2 thoughts on “Sex Scenes and Buttercream

  1. Oh boy I have a thing about cupcakes. I went on a cupcake binge a few weeks ago. It’s my food porn! I drove 20 minutes away from my house in order to get some. The vanilla bean cupcakes at Starbucks call to me like a siren. 😀 Post the scene!

  2. Don’t remind me Keisha. I had to stop making them. I was making the little miniature ones to sell for birthday parties and man I was eating up my profit. When they’re little you just want to pop them. So not a good thing.

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