Flying With the FlyBoy

Last night Poppy’s character finally gelled for me. When I plotted the story out, I thought I understood her motivation, but as I started writing it…Meh. Interestingly enough, I got it when I started writing the first sex scene. Wonder why that is? I never can write a sex scene unless I really understand and feel the characters in my gut. I never really got that with Poppy and Michael, and now I do. Now I’ve got it and I’m over the moon. 

Another interesting fact, I write most scenes in longhand, but sex scenes I write at the keyboard WITH MY EYES closed. Isn’t that funny? I wonder why I do that?

One thought on “Flying With the FlyBoy

  1. Yeah that is funny. I tend to write in long hand too. It’s nice to know that you write sex scenes with your eyes closed, I tend to write it through my fingers.

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