Becoming One of THOSE Parents


Amazing how it sneaks up on you. We want Luke to take some more swim classes so I’ve been checking out what’s available and what we think would be right for him. Amazing what’s going on in the big city compared to our little hamlet back in Huntsville. Swim Atlanta has classes on Saturday! Woo! Daddy will be able to take him on Saturday, nope, scratch that, he’ll have soccer games on Saturday with Tucker Youth Soccer Association. We really enjoyed that in the fall. Oh, they have swim classes on Sunday too? Dang, they do want to make it convenient, don’t they? And I definitely want him enrolled in one of those music classes at Music Atlanta. Oh, and the Blue Hippo has some really cool art classes. Oh, and do we want him to take gymnastic classes at Suzuki?He says he wants to learn how to do a cartwheel, and I’m so not cartwheel enabled.  And don’t forget summer camps with the Dunwoody Nature Center, we missed that last summer. And then…

Holy crap, Batman! We’ve become those parents, haven’t we? Poor kid will need a Blackberry to keep up with all this stuff. It creeps up on you just that easily. I’ve got to watch it, I really don’t want to have an overbooked kid. Maybe just one art class.

4 thoughts on “Becoming One of THOSE Parents

  1. Tonight, I have to be up at midnight so that I can be sure that my kids will have a spot in the spring swim classes. I also have to figure out all their other activities too.

    It’s no joke out here, by 9am tomorroow most of the classes will be FULL.

    Then I get to run all of them around to all of their classes.

    the things we do for love…

  2. Pre-school is like that around here. People camp out to get the slots. Having moved here in May there were none left, so Luke’s not in school now. I think I miss it more than he does!!!

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