Truvia Tastes Like Butt

I think I’ve made it clear on this blog and pretty much everywhere else on the planet that I’m not down with fake foods. I won’t even eat low-fat cheese. But, given that I’m insulin resistant and sugar is verboten, I thought I’d give Truvia a try. I’ve used Stevia before and didn’t care for it. It tastes like licorice, and though I love licorice, licorice flavored tea is so not the hotness. Splenda makes me sick as does Nutrasweet. Well, I bought a few packets of the crazily expensive Truvia this past weekend. Giving it a first shot in my morning cup of Awake tea. It’s a definite no-go.

4 thoughts on “Truvia Tastes Like Butt

  1. Hi Roslyn! 🙂 Have you thought of trying something like almond milk in your morning tea? The brand that I am totally addicted to is called Almond Dream. There’s a lightly sweetened version of it that you might possibly like.
    Fake sugars really freak me out because they are chemicals that are manufactured in a lab. The side effects are unknown or may even be known by the FDA, but hidden from us in the general public.

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