Dear Blue Cross/Blue Shield,

dsc01497You suck. No seriously. You suck like fat-free cheese with a side order of butt. Okay, so you turned me down because I’m insulin resistant. I can roll with that even though I think you’re full of it. But charging my kid extra premium because according to your stupid azz charts he’s overweight?!? What manner of fucknuttery is this???

At 47 inches tall and 45 pounds this kid is not now, nor has he ever been fat. He’s off the charts for height, of course he is, both his parents are tall. Seems to me that you people need some new charts. Insurance is a bigger rip-off than payday loans and rent to own stores. Bottom line is, you suck.

5 thoughts on “Dear Blue Cross/Blue Shield,

  1. (scratching my head) I am still trying to figure out what child you are referring to. Surely, the child in the picture can’t be the overweight kid?

  2. You have GOT to be kidding me?! An extra premium for a child that is perfectly healthy? Wow! That is beyond comprehension! Jacob is like Luke-tall for his age. He went to the pediatrician today and at 6 years old, he weighs 61 pounds and looks like a bean pole. I guess I will be watching the mailbox for a letter! Luke is NOT fat, he is absolutely adorable!

  3. I know it’s absolutely insane. I’m trying not to stress too much over it. The worse thing is, he’s actually lost a few pounds because of that nasty bout of strep before Christmas. He’s even more of a beanpole than ever and I’m trying to fatten him up. The boy runs and jumps way too much to ever be fat, plus I’m much better about his diet than I am my own.

  4. No Roz, something is wrong here (yes I came all this way to your blog just to tell you what you knew already). I know you don’t want to stress yourself, but can you challenge it when open enrollment comes around again? Insurance companies are worse than the anti-Christ.

    Most people can’t even afford to use their insurance anymore, the highly ridiculous co-pay alone is their deliberate deterrence to keep us from using it more than once a year for a simple check up. These sharks know what they are doing.

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