Shopping in the AT-Hell

Shopping in Atlanta is really strange. The nearest Wal-Mart to me is in Chamblee. It’s what I call the ‘international’ Wal-Mart. If you’re looking for ingredients for any world cuisine you’ll find it there. They also have the top-notch  olive oil and a produce section that’s out of this world. Unfortunately, they’re not much for toiletries and such. Well, they are, but they’re all in Spanish. No, for that, you have to go to the other Wal-Mart. Totally whitebread. No signs in Spanish, and certainly no queso fresco. But man can you find some topnotch wine and toiletries for days. This is more than a bit annoying. Why can’t I have both in one Wal-Mart. 

Then today, I discovered the Nirvana of toiletry stores, Target on Holcomb Bridge Road. No, not the one in Peachtree Corners/Norcross. I’m talking about the brand-spanking new on in Roswell/Alpharetta. That’s where I finally had success in finding ‘boy wash’ for Luke. One of the perils of teaching him to read. He now knows that I’ve been using ‘baby wash’ and it’s just intolerable for him. 

That’s another strange thing about this area; tiny counties. In a day of marketing I typically shop in no less than three counties and I never travel more than ten miles. Isn’t that peculiar. Oh well, just another day in the AT-HELL.

5 thoughts on “Shopping in the AT-Hell

  1. Yeah, that’s the whitebread one on Ashford-Dunwoody. I think they’re about the same distance. It’s easier to get to the on in Chamblee on Peachtree Industrial.

  2. LOL!! Whew, your son Luke sure is growing up fast! Now, he needs “boy wash” because baby wash is of course for babies. 😉 Walmart’s are definitely stocked with various products based on demographics and I recently learned that their pricing system also works this way as well. I actually learned this from a Walmart manager here in the Chicago area when I questioned him about some price differences that I noticed.

  3. When I lived in El Paso (90 % hispanic), the walmart was always stocked with out of date items. i’m talking all the items on the shelf. and they never had quality merchandise/products.

    now i’m in melbourne (86% white). totally different demographics. the walmart here is “the business”. fresh produce and quality food items.

    DamnShame i say.

  4. I saw the same thing in low-income neighborhoods in Huntsville, AL when I was a social worker. I stopped in a grocery store near where I worked to pick up some fruit, milk and bread. It was absolutely disgusting, and this was a major chain! No wonder poor people have such health issues, just getting good produce is almost impossible in their neighborhoods.

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