I Spy With My Little Eye


I finally made it out to Barnes & Noble at the Forum in Norcross  and what did I happen upon? Yep, that’s my lovely book, Try a Little Tenderness. Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that it wasn’t front-facing when I found it. In fact, it wasn’t even in Romance. After fifteen minutes of digging I found it spined over in the Fiction section of the store. After a about a millisecond of consideration, I promptly moved it to Romance and since they had all this space on the front-facing shelf I placed it there. Hey, I even kept it alphabetical. I’m sure Kay Hooper won’t mind! -lol-

15 thoughts on “I Spy With My Little Eye

  1. I had to hunt it down, but at least it was there. It’s the first store where I actually saw it on the shelves. I hope someone buys it, then they’ll order more.

  2. The hilarious part is, it says ‘erotic romance’ right on the spine. Maybe somebody hid it to come back and buy it later. I’m just glad I thought to look in Fiction.

  3. Hey, that’s fantastic! congratulations Looks awsome best of success.I’M SURE MRS. HOOPER WON’T MIND 🙂

  4. Hi there, I stumbled across your blog while searching for Jackie O’s inaugural dresses. I read a few entries. Very nice!

    Quick question…maybe it’s an obvious one for people who are familiar with your work, and not that there’s anything wrong with it–at all–but I noticed that the heroines of the books featured are Black and the men are not. I’d love to hear more about the reasoning for this because, amongst other things, it’s not often that you’ll see an interacial couple (especially one where the woman is Black and not the other way around) on the cover of books! Even in advertising…the woman is always lighter than the man–especially if it’s a black couple. Invariably the Black woman will be light skinned with curly hair and the man will be darker. I always thought this fascinating, but am even more so by your depiction of the couple.

  5. Hello Naki, so glad you found me, and even happier that you like my blog! I started my first book back in 2002 because there weren’t that many books that had interracial couples with black women in them. I married interracially and was always interested in books that were similar to my own circumstance. Of course, interracial books have probably been around for a decade or more, but at that time I was reading several books a week. (Obviously, this was BEFORE I had my son. Now I’m lucky if I read several books a month.) I enjoy romantic pairings of all types and still read monoracial books as well. The first few that I have planned are all interracial books, but I do have planned in the future that are monoracial. I simply enjoy books featuring black women being loved, and I love a good love story. I’ve been reading them since I was nine.

    Anyway, I hope I answered your question. Please do come back and visit any time.

  6. Ok so they didn’t put it in the romance section.. but “fiction” seems so symbolic. What’s the big idea? I am such a big conspiracy theorist, I know.

  7. Roslyn,

    Thanks for answering my question! It seems totally appropriate that you would choose covers and stories that are representative of your life. We have to be the change we seek and I’m glad you’re addressing the dearth of depiction of interracial couples. Awesome!

  8. I’m with you on the conspiracy, La. I’m just going to convince myself that someone hid it there to buy later. When I was a starving grad student I used to do that.

  9. Congratulations, nice to see your book in Barnes and Noble and I pray that my book will be there also. Well done!

  10. What a great update you have posted for us all! You must be excited! 🙂 Your book looks wonderful there on the shelf in the picture. The cover really jumps out at you too. Congratulations! Is your book also available on Amazon.com too?

  11. That would be great Lita. If you’re within a reasonable driving distance of Atlanta and meet on the weekends, I’ll be glad to come talk to your bookclub.

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