Woman I’m Amazed

Blame It On Paradise (Indigo Love Spectrum)

Crystal Hubbard, who, by the way, is one of the best damned writers on the planet, had me in tears this morning. And, no, it wasn’t from laughing hysterically at the Epilogue of Blame it On Paradise

See, Crystal is recovering from cancer and subsequent bouts of chemotherapy. When she heard about Sharon Cullars’ plight, she was one of the first people to respond. In addition to donating the $200 she won on scratch-offs, she and her children went door-to-door selling cupcakes and kettlecorn (Ummm kettlecorn. Sorry, kettlecorn just brings out the Homer Simpson in me.) and raised an additional $300. 

Despite having gone above and beyond on Sharon’s behalf, Crystal sent me an email this morning despairing that she hadn’t been able to give more. I know this is a cliché, but people like her restore my faith in humanity. So, here’s to you Crystal Hubbard, thank you is not nearly enough. Love you like a play cousin.

9 thoughts on “Woman I’m Amazed

  1. Crystal is a star! Not to mention that she’s been having her own health problems, and all that.

    Wow. She’s something… I want to send her a token of my esteem, but I keep coming up short.

  2. Roz, I’m tearing up reading this. Crystal emailed me trying to cheer me up and I had no idea the trials she was going through herself. I’m just amazed at all her efforts as well as yours and Karen’s. All I could do was send an ecard, but I hope to do much, much more once I get on my feet. All of you have inspired me to be better than I have been.

    Now, the tear is dropping off my cheek. I feel a crying jag coming on. I just can’t thank you ladies enough.

  3. Crystal Hubbard is one of my bookclub’s favorite authors and not just because of the books she writes. She is a genuinely good-hearted person. When she came to one of our discussion meetings, we were expecting some glamorous diva. She showed up in a pair of cargo shorts, a linen shirt, and she drove up to my house in a big van that was at least ten years old. She’s a great writer but looking at her you see a regular person who looks like they’re about to go hiking. She sent an email to me and asked me for forward it to the members of my bookclub and I did. We’re having a multifamily indoor garage sale this weekend and we’re going to donate what we earn to Sharon Cullars. We’re not alone in this world and its time we reminded each other of that.

  4. That is absolutely amazing, and I’m so grateful for you guy’s hard work. Thank you so much. And you’re right, it is time to remember we’re not alone in the world.

  5. I first heard of you when Rock Star came out and Crystal Hubbard when Crush came out. I read both books and loved both books. I thought it was awesome the way two different people could take one story idea and tell it two different incredible ways. I’ve read a lot online about you and Ms. Hubbard and I think you guys are a lot alike. I’m donating to Sharon Cullars in honor of both of your efforts. I would like to see you and Ms. Hubbard write stories in an anthology together or something like that. I think it would be a very good book.

  6. Crystal is a real mensch. Her heart is as big as all outdoors. I seriously love her like a play cousin. I’d be honored if she were willing to do an anthology with me.

    Thank you Charli, I’m so glad you enjoyed Rock Star. I hope to have more books for you to read soon.

  7. Crystal is such a wonderful person, and has done such a great job raising awareness of the auction to help out Ms. Cullars. So have you Ms. Holcomb, as well as Emma Petersen and the many other authors who joined together and donated their time and items to the auction. I’ve been blogging about the auction on my site, publisher message boards and readers’ groups trying to get as many people involved as possible in these last days before the auction closes. I’m so happy to see the online community — romance readers, writers, and others –getting involved in a good cause.

  8. When Crystal Hubbard contacted me about the auction, I rallied around the cause and sent her e-mail to everyone on my contacts list because I wanted to be a part of something this important and this worthy. My son was able to go to a camp for autistic children this summer because Crystal Hubbard donated a royalty check to the camp to pay for his trip. She did this unasked. I woudldn’t have known that she did it if the camp hadn’t told me. I wish more people could be like her. I wish there was more time to raise the money because I know it can be done. Ms. Holcomb you and everyone else involved in organizing the efforts for Sharon Cullars are an amazing group of people and I’ll be your fans forever. Ms. Lauren, I voted for you book. Ms. Hubbard sent me an e-mail campaigning for you!

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