Dear Catholic Schools,

I guess it’s only reasonable to assume that your administrators are, at the least, isolated from popular culture. That’s the only explanation I can find for the fact that your  students still wear school girl uniforms. 

So, Luke and I were at Chick fil a last week. Three very attractive girls came in the place in their schoolgirl uniforms. Every man in there went on point, it was absolutely scary. It was all I could do to resist the urge to wrap those poor girls in a blanket. I’m sure you mean well, but it’s time to put those uniforms to rest. 

Yours in Christ,

Roslyn Holcomb

11 thoughts on “Dear Catholic Schools,

  1. Hmmm… I don’t know. I went to Catholic school and our uniforms were modest. If the students were dressing a la Britney Spears with knee high socks and white shirts snugly tied under breasts, sure. But most Catholic schools (the ones I know) do stress modesty.

    Men are just pervs, really.

  2. These uniforms were very modest. The skirts were almost knee length with white socks and sweaters. One even had on sweatpants under hers. (It was a cold day). It’s not about the girls sexing up the uniforms, it’s about what the visual represents. Our culture is so sexualized at this point that the modesty of the uniform is irrelevant. There’s this idea of corrupting a ‘good girl,’ and what’s any ‘gooder’ than a Catholic school girl?

  3. Our culture is so sexualized at this point that the modesty of the uniform is irrelevant. There’s this idea of corrupting a ‘good girl,’ and what’s any ‘gooder’ than a Catholic school girl?


    True… but short of putting them in a burqua (or a nun’s habit), the men are going to drool. I must admit, most of the girls at my Catholic school were pretty well… not innocent. The guys are pervs. Ugh.

  4. Oh, the men didn’t approach the girls, but they were all looking at them like fresh meat in a lion’s den. It was kinda scary. I wondered if anyone else noticed, or if I have a special alert because of my background.

  5. More and more I’m thinking a burka or at least a hijab might not be a bad idea. In my latest book, the heroine is Muslimah. And in my research for the role I read a post by a Muslim woman on the ‘freedom’ of Western dress. She asked how was it liberating to be naked when in fact men want to see you naked. Whereas if you are covered you have total control over who you share your body with. I couldn’t argue that point. Though, here in hot Georgia I wouldn’t care to wear a burka, but modesty does have it’s place.

  6. Another great post! : ) My mother attended Catholic school from elementary to high school. She told me that while growing up she really disliked the uniform they had to wear. She also said that the boys were not at all impressed with them either. Well, that is unless until Britney Spears came along. Ugh, I think her popularity ushered in various fashion lows here in the United States. I definitely Feel that women and especially young girls dressing modestly is a good thing. Sex seems to be everywhere in our culture now and this was not always the case (so says my mother).

    Personally, I wear a head covering 99% of the time when I am out in public. In my own past experience there is a quite noticeable difference in how men react and treat me when my head is uncovered.

  7. As an old crone I don’t get harassed by men much anymore, but I really wish I had thought to wear a hijab back in those days. I’ve always thought they were beautiful, but never thought to wear one myself. I’ve always thought the response to a woman wearing one would be very different. At least in this country.

  8. All kids wear uniforms here, public and private schools. They had to put them in uniforms(public school kids) because children were getting killed because of the clothes and sneakers they were wearing to school.
    Jazz is right, the men are just pervs. I don’t care what my daughter has on, men look. And I expect young boys to look but, these are grown azzed men. One man was looking at her so hard, I got right in his face and said,”that’s a 14 year old you’re looking at” he got all flustered because I “loud-capped” him in a supermarket.I didn’t care, he should have been exposed. She had on jeans and a wool sweater at the time.

  9. I definitely think uniforms are the way to go. Convenience alone would make me choose them. I just think the stereotypical ‘Catholic girls school’ uniform has been corrupted beyond redemption by popular culture and should be retired.

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