Jesus be a Carburetor

Atlanta should go down in history as the shake-down capital of the southeast. Never mind how ridiculous it is that we’re buying another tag after just having bought one when we moved here in June. Never mind that said tag costs almost $100 for a ten-year old car. But for the love of all things chocolate chip smothered in dark chocolate ganache (can you tell I started a new diet?) would we have to have another emissions test done???? What in the the hell do they think we did to the damned cars in less than six months. I’ve got to, got to, got to get the hell out of this place before I shank somebody. Seriously. 

I’ve never in my life been to a place where they nickel and dime you this way. Some might say, well $25 for an emissions test isn’t bad, and they’d be right. But when you move here, you don’t calculate that into your new expenses. Just like you don’t calculate the fee for recycling, or the cost of recyclable lawn bags. Back in Huntsville the leaf removable folks had vacuum trucks that just sucked the leaves up from your pile. Every time you turn around there’s another fee for something. Seriously, just charge a $500 admission to the city at the border and call it a goddamned day. I hate being nickeled and dimed.

4 thoughts on “Jesus be a Carburetor

  1. Sorry – I didn’t know the ATL shook people down. Glad I didn’t move there. DC/NOVA/MD is just as bad. Just depends on the population and other variables.

    I do miss Alabama and its simplicity. Oh well.

  2. Ain’t that the truth! You would think that with as much as the Mayor Franklin is talking about a deficit that with all these additional charges everyone is paying that their wouldn’t be a deficit…. go figure. No don’t do that, we did it already and it is still costing us every last penny.

  3. I’m amazed that this town could ever have a deficit. I’ve yet to come across a children’s activity that cost less than $25. For the three of us to go to the zoo would be almost $75, and don’t even get me started on the Aquarium. It was almost $100 and then we spent another $36 on lunch. Did I mention that lunch was three small pizzas, and three small soft drinks?

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