Dear Disney,

I know you’re the house that the mouse built and all, but dudes, y’all have really got to get over this fixation with vermin of all kinds. I’ve as yet to watch Ratatouille. Cannot get over the notion of rats in the kitchen. And now you have Wall-E, a perfectly cute movie with a message I can get behind. At least I could if it wasn’t for the roach crawling over people! Okay, in all honesty the roach is crawling over robots, but still. 

Vermin is vermin people. It isn’t cute I don’t care how much you anthropomorphize it.

2 thoughts on “Dear Disney,

  1. You think so? It didn’t bother me as much with Wall-E, but when it was crawling on EVA. Ewww. I think it’s because she looks so much like my computer.

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