Hodge Podge

Everyone is responding really well to the fundraiser for Sharon. Thanks so much to Paz Edwards, Karen Scott, Monica Mingo, Mrs. Giggles and Dear Author for putting it up on your blogs. We’re trying to pull together another fundraiser as well. I’ll keep you posted as it develops. We can do this, folks. We don’t leave our people hanging, EVER!!!!

Heads up from Seressia Glass. Loose-Id included Try a Little Tenderness in the December RWR. I love those dudes, seriously. 

The workouts are going well. I made it through a week of working out an hour every day, even with Luke walking in the shadow of the valley of death, I didn’t bail. I’m really proud of that because in the past that would’ve been the ideal excuse. 

Speaking of death door boy, he’s back to his aggravating self. Still a little bit of that horrible rash left, but he’s bouncing back nicely. Strep ain’t no joke. 

I’ve almost finished Pussycat. Down to my last few chapters. It’s coming along nicely. I’ll post another scene or two once I’ve got the heavy editing done. Then it’s on to Fly Boy, my still unnamed historical, interracial, shape-shifter story and then Dark Star. I’ll be busy this year, for sure. 

Sorry, I had to table our contest for now. With The Luke so sick I simply didn’t get a chance to pull it together. I’m thinking about doing it for Valentine’s Day, but everyone will have a contest then. Maybe Groundhog’s Day, or better yet, The Ides of March? When does Mercury go into retrograde again, my homelife always goes to crap then, that would be a good time to have a contest. I’ll keep y’all posted. Thanks for staying tuned.

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