Shopping Joy

fsscwomenshandbagsTo the chick that snatched that fabulous bag right from under my nose yesterday, all I can say is…GOOD TASTE!!! And no, I didn’t get the Rowley bag. At two hunnerd bones I would’ve had to divorce Whit and move to another country. 

So, I’m in TJ Maxx yesterday sans Luke and with my Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket. I spy a Fossil bag very similar to the one in the picture. So, I start the age-old debate with myself: Do I really need a new bag? Is this one really as fly as I think it is? So, I decide to shop a bit more and come back to it. Well, wouldn’t you know, when I came back it was gone, baby, gone. Hey, that’s what I get for questioning myself. It’s not like I don’t know better. The sad part is, it was a damned Fossil bag so you know it wasn’t crazy expensive. (Not like the insanely gorgeous Cynthia Rowley bag that I drooled all over before gingerly putting it back on the rack.) It was my Christmas money to do with as I choose, and even then I had to be practical. Oh Virgo, woe is me. Always the practical sign of the zodiac. 

Anyway, I scored two fabulous sweaters, one a red cowl neck by Calvin Klein. The other a cable-knit Ralph Lauren that if I squint and really delude myself sort of reminds me of the fabulous Michael Kors sweater I’ve wanted for two years. I dunno what it is about Ralph, but his stuff ALWAYS works on me. I’ve got Ralph Lauren stuff that I got more than a decade ago, and it’s still as fly now as it was then. 

These two sweaters fit in very well with the conservative style I prefer. I’m not much of a shopper, so I like to buy awesome stuff that I’ll still love a decade from now. I also got a new pair of workout shorts. I only owned one other pair that I don’t hate. I’m trashing the rest of them. I can’t stand snug-fitting clothes. These are by Adidas and the waistline is nice and low-hung like I like it. 

Bought some more cookie sheets and they’re too big for my Liliputian oven too. I swear before all things chocolate if I try to put one more thing in that oven that doesn’t fit I’m going out and buying an Aga, and I don’t give a darn that it’s too hot here in the south for that Hummer of an oven. 

Anyway, I’m taking the cookie sheets back to another TJ Maxx. Maybe my fabulous bag will be there.

4 thoughts on “Shopping Joy

  1. I love those Aga stoves. One day when I have my fabulous writing retreat in the mountains, it shall have the Aga stove in it. I saw a beautiful garnet red one in an Expo store and it was love at first sight. It might even turn me into a cook!

  2. See, I knew better. Now it’s raining and cold and I don’t want to go out again. I might have to wait until this weekend to see if I can find it. Aaarrrgghh!!!

  3. Aren’t Agas beautimous? I want one so bad, but those things stay on all the time. We’d die down here in the south with that type of oven. Paula Deen had one in her house in Savannah, and I was like dang, does she run the AC 24/7? Must be nice.

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