Fit Cysters/32X45

So, I’m sure y’all have seen the link for Fit Cysters in my blogroll and wondered, “Who does that heffa think she’s kidding?” I am insulin resistant. It goes by many names including pre-diabetes. Some women with it also have cysts on their ovaries which means they have Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome. I have no cysts, thus I’m just insulin resistant. (The term pre-diabetes is too scary for me to deal with.) The cysts are just a symptom of the insulin issues, anyway, so for the most part, insulin resistant is probably the proper term.

I’ve learned to modify my diet to emphasize protein over carbs, but the most crucial component to reversing insulin resistance is exercise. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you I HATE exercise. I’ve never been particularly athletic, and hate making an ass of myself in public, thus, I’ve always avoided physical activity. Not anymore. I’ve decided to work out an hour every day five days a week. No excuses. Interestingly enough, I’ve kept it up (more or less) all through the holidays and Luke’s walk in the shadow of death. Normally I would’ve thrown in the towel by now, but I’m sticking with it. Mainly because I’m tired of the specter of the Grim Reaper, generally known as Dr. Oz, looming over me with his tape measure of doom. 

So, here’s my commitment. I’ll be 45 on September 3rd. I’m determined to have a 32″ waist by then. 32X45 is my mantra. That means I have to lose 6″ off my waist. Focusing on weight training will really help. For whatever reason, lifting weights helps the body process insulin better, and I actually enjoy weight training.

I’m very fortunate that Whit’s in this with me. He comes from a Kennedyesque family full of athletes and has always been athletic. We’ve decided to work on fitness together. Now when he goes for a run, he comes back and watches Luke so I can do one of my DVDs. I’ve discovered Exercise TV, thanks to the support network at FitCysters, and I’m really loving Jillian Michaels. I also do Denise Austin DVDs. Yay me.

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