Little Petri Dishes

I swear, that’s all children are. Luke has scarlet fever. Yes, the famous one. He started looking a little puny the Friday before Christmas and I suspected he was catching a cold.  Saturday he seemed better so I thought I was mistaken. Then Sunday he was absolutely miserable. High fever sore throat, and the worst breath known to humankind. I knew immediately it was strep. Off to the doctor we went Monday to confirm it. We got the pink stuff and he’s got to take it for ten days. 

Of course, we had to cancel holiday plans to go back to Huntsville. Whit and I haven’t had a solid night’s sleep since. Finally, Wednesday night the fever broke and he’s been getting steadily better. He still doesn’t have much appetite and has lost at least five pounds. Then yesterday he broke out in what is the worst looking rash I’ve ever seen. It’s like a bad sunburn with measles. Telltale sign of scarlet fever. Apparently I have peeling to look forward to next. I’m supposed to make him rest. Oh yeah, like I can make The Luke do anything. 

Funny thing is, I joked when we moved to Atlanta that it’s a real pain that just when he finally got immune to Huntsville diseases we now have to expose him to whole new batch of bugs.

The picture isn’t Luke, my camera’s battery’s dead, but this is what he looks like this morning.

6 thoughts on “Little Petri Dishes

  1. I hope your little man does get some rest. No time like the present to use the tv/video games as collateral in making him. Hope you guys get well.

  2. Um, wow. I didn’t think folks got scarlet fever anymore. In fact, I’d only read about it in books.

    Feel better, Lukester!!

  3. I thought the same thing. Of course, I’m legendary for contracting 19th century diseases like pleurisy. Apparently he’s inherited my tendency. This is the worst looking crap I’ve ever seen. Definitely gets my vote for truly horrific disease.

  4. Oh my, that poor baby. I hope he feels better soon. I didn’t know scarlet fever was still around either.

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