Use it Up, Wear it Out


Make Do, Do Without. In these hardscrabble times I thought I’d share one of my favorite budgeting tips. I made Luke’s entire nursery, probably for less than a hundred dollars. I made the sheets primarily because I wanted them to coordinate with the rest of the nursery, but also because the luxurious cotton ones I wanted were major expensive. Making a crib sheet is so easy that even an amateur can do it. I found tons of directions online. Here’s my favorite. I don’t think making your own sheets are cheaper than buying them at the big box stores, but they’re definitely better quality. And they’re far less expensive than the ones you can find in boutiques or better stores. You only need two yards of fabric per sheet, and cotton usually costs about $5 a yard. (Except that sky print in the border of his quilt. I paid $10 a yard for that. It’s the most I’ve ever paid for quilt fabric, but I had to have it.) That, plus elastic, and you’re good to go. I made Luke tons of sheets because I could do them quickly and cheaply. They also make a fabulous new baby gift, and can be customized to the new mom’s liking. 

When we moved up from a double bed to a queen I lamented about all my sheets that we couldn’t use anymore. Then I realized that they could be cut down for Luke’s twin bunk beds! Sheets cost a grip, and this way there’s no waste. I’ve cut down one set, and plan to do at least one more. I’m so delighted that I realized this before I gave away all our double bed sheets.

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