More Kudos for Try a Little Tenderness

47b8df28b3127cce98548b418dfb00000027108qcm2rroza0Check out what Roslyn Francis said about it in my comments section. I’m so thrilled. Yes, I respond well to positive reinforcement. I think I feel the urge to actually, like, write today. 

So I read it. I loved Lola! Loved Koss! Loved how the storyline came together. Realistic! The sex was hawt!!! The only thing I didn’t understand was the last scene where she put back on one of the costumes. Why? I thought she would have been past it. Was it that therapy helped her accept it? I would imagine that a person would want to put it behind them… Anyways, I loved it! I’ll add you as one of my favorites on Fictionwise.

This picture is from last Christmas. Luke and his cousin, Spencer, devouring the gingerbread house.

One thought on “More Kudos for Try a Little Tenderness

  1. Congrats on the positive feedback. Look and his cousin look so cute. I think I’d take a big bite out of that delicious-looking gingerbread house (when no one is looking, of course), too.

    Merry Christmas!


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