Well, I Talked Myself Up On This One…

I got the galleys for the mass-market release of Rock Star today. I only know of one error in the book, though I’m sure to find others. If you have any, let me know. I’ve got to get it back to my publisher by Monday.

4 thoughts on “Well, I Talked Myself Up On This One…

  1. Hey! Why should we check for your errors? Isn’t it enough that we bought and read the book?!
    What kind of non…LOL, just kidding! Congratulations on the new mass market size! That’s great.

    Lisa G

  2. Ros, who is carrying your books? I was looking for something by you in Borders today and couldn’t find it. Let me know if there is a preferred vendor.

  3. Unfortunately, with the way things are in the industry now, very few publishers are carrying books from small presses. You can order either one (or both!) from Amazon. Please be sure to ask for it in the stores if you get a chance. That makes them more likely to stock it. Thanks.

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